Numerical Reasoning

Many approaches have been designed by various experts for gauging general intelligence of a person. Aptitude ability is calculated on various aspects, they can be numeric reasoning, verbal and visual reasoning. Number sequence reasoning is a vital parameter which assesses individuals on the basis of logical reasoning.

Skill Enhancing Tips

In most of the numeric reasoning tests, a numeric series is given and one has to either complete the series or find out any missing number.
There are varied forms of numeric series but most of them have standard rules that are required to be followed. Numeric series reasoning is the ability which can be developed very easily and quickly. The one who is not very proficient in mathematics can also develop this skill without any difficulty. Some essential tips for fast number sequence reasoning are mentioned below:

• One is advised to use scrap paper instead of mind calculations to make reasoning fast, precise and efficient.
• Observe the series carefully; whether it is increasing or decreasing, only then proceed further.
• Judge every member of the sequence carefully as the series may be a combination of two independent series.
• Do not shirk away from using hit and trial method; this is the most efficient approach for numerical reasoning.
• Use of calculator should be avoided as they may increase the number of questions solved but decreases the overall efficiency.
• It is better to memorize multiples of basic numbers like 1 to 15 or 1 to 20. It will help in making calculations faster.
• One must practice basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
• Interpretations of pie charts, graphical representations, bar graph should be practiced as they are easy to interpret and less time consuming.
• Instead of focusing on quantity, one must ensure quality.
• It is better to enhance unit conversion skills.
• Some questions are inter-related and grouped which need to be talked carefully.
• Do not solve the questions haphazardly.
• Do understand the format of the test, as sometimes they are tricky and complex.

Nothing is sufficient when it comes to mathematical practice. There are abundant sources to enhance essential skills. Many expert test designers avail online test series to make interpretation of number sequence easy. It is good to follow online tutorial for step by step preparations. Apart from these options, one can even take the services of a professional tutor to ensure better understanding of various mathematical concepts. One can also go for recommended guides available in the bookstores which have solved and unsolved questionnaires for practice purposes.

What is the need for enhancing numeric ability? Everybody wants best for their organization, whether it is educational or business organization. One has to face an intellectual ability test at several stages. People, who want to boost their mental ability, need to invest some time in number sequence reasoning. One can get desired results only after covering all aspects of the examination.


Number sequence analysis is not only an enjoyable game but also a useful mind-churning exercise that can act as an effective tool to measure one’s intellectual level.

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